Skype One-on-One - Film Financing / Producing / Writing / Audition Prep

Please Note: These workshops are no longer available due to Steven's passing. We are keeping this page up in memory of what his amazing workshops were all about.

Audition Prep
    - Do
    - Do Not
    - Input
    - Rejection
    - Lasting impressions


    Coaching for a particular audition.

Film Financing
    - Five ways to finance your film that work
    - Choices and decisions that shape your most viable alternatives
    - Awareness of consequences that influence film financing
    - Avoiding common mistakes and time-wasting
    - Investors, lenders, banks, partnerships and venture capital.

Producing (Aspects of producing not related to financing)
    - Legalities of being a Producer of Record
    - The length of the haul
    - Line Producing
    - Needs vs capabilities
    - On-set protocols and working with the director
    - Completion bonds and alternatives
    - Avoiding common mistakes

    - Dreaming vs writing
    - First draft in two weeks
    - Shakespeare, God and reality
    - Structure
    - Characters
    - Function of the second draft
    - Shooting scripts
    - Getting it read

Acting Workshop - Film / Theatre

Aside from offering successful workshop programs for actors' unions such as ACTRA and Equity on both sides of the Atlantic, Steven has worked with such luminaries as Grotowski, Stanislavski's leading actress Eugenie Leontovich, Wajda's leading actor Tadeusz Lomnicki and Sir Laurence Olivier on theatre and workshop projects. He has put thousands of actors through workshop programs in Europe and North America and has lectured acting students in 48 universites including Northwestern, King's College, University of Toronto, University of York - UK, University of Exeter, University of Nottingham, University of Liverpool, University of Wales, University of Aberdeen, Milan, Eugene and Saratoga Springs. He was also responsible for setting up the post graduate improvisation course at York University in Toronto.

Rumbelow has been responsible for launching the careers of several high profile acting talents in both the USA and UK.

Both workshops are designed to offer actors practical resources that they can call on during the high pressure of a production schedule. Often, acting work is few and far between. When an actor does land a part, whether on stage or in film, often they are faced with demanding schedules and very little time to deliver a considered performance.

These workshops offer very practical tools to assist in delivery of considered performances that exhibit a high degree of performance maturity and ingenuity.

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Actor's Toolkit

No longer available.