Triple Action Theatre (TAT)

Triple Action was so named based on a thesis written by the great Russian Director Meyerhold. He believed that the act of theatre involved Action (actor), Reaction (spectator) and Co-reaction (being the ebb and flow between spectator and actor). The initials TAT also implied that the performances were disposable as in Tat or tatty Theatre and the word Tat in German means dead.

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During the later stages of Triple Action's work, the company became known for aggressive and dark physical aspects of what Steven called the "literality" of action, risk and pain. It seemed to work its way into the culture in a number of ways. Below is a bunch of actors beating each other up on a Triple Action film set.

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With over 60 works at hundreds of theatres in 18 countries around the world, below are just some of the theatres Steven has worked with:

  • The Bristol Old Vic
  • Connaught Theatre
  • Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Studio 68
  • The Arts Lab
  • The London New Arts Lab
  • The Young Vic
  • The Roundhouse
  • The Duke of York
  • Shaftesbury Theatre
  • The Churchill Theatre
  • Nottingham Playhouse
  • Sheffield Playhouse
  • Hull Arts Centre
  • Dovecot Theatre
  • National Youth Theatre
  • Shaw Theatre
  • Liverpool Playhouse
  • Travis Theatre
  • Little Theatre
  • Arts Theatre
  • Open Space
  • Worcester Street Theatre
  • Circle O Theatre
  • Steppenwolf Theatre
  • The Goodman Theatre
  • The Ivanhoe Theatre
  • Blackbird Theatre
  • Mysterium Theatre
  • Theatre Laboratorium
  • The Open Theatre
  • Theatre Stu
  • Theatre Passe Muraille
  • Buddies in Bad Times
  • Theatre Centre
  • Toronto Independent Dance
  • COMUS Opera
  • Premiere Dance Theatre
  • Staadts Theatre