The Unwelcome

Written by Adam Roberts and Steven Rumbelow
Director: Steven Rumbelow

The Unwelcome is a taught supernatural horror film crafted with the kind of tensions seen in Drag Me To Hell and Insidious. It is set in a plantation house where two skeptical paranormal researchers come face to face with events that rock the foundations of their belief system.

The production has an impressive cast of highly respected actors attached to the film with more ready to sign when financing is in place. For details on the full ensemble please request a Producerʼs Package.

Over the Edge
Supernatural Crime Thriller

Written by Steven Rumbelow
Director: Steven Rumbelow

Over the Edge is a one-of-a-kind supernatural crime thriller documenting a crime family'ʼs demise and the journey taken by $30M in cash as it transfers ownership five times in a 12 hour period. The screenplay has been crafted as a dark piece that is intended to bridge the styles of Guy Ritchie and Tarantino. The casting reflects that UK/US bridge. As a story, it has it all: witches, demons, perverted crime bosses, hit men, junkies and bikers; all revolving around a debauched party that takes place in a castle keep in rural southern USA.

The script has been acclaimed by actors, exhibitors, distributors and agents and it has attracted an impressive ensemble cast who have agreed to appear in the film. For details on this dynamic US/UK ensemble please request a Producerʼs Package.

Where Horses Die

Written by Giocomo & Furio Scarpelli
Director: Steven Rumbelow

An Italian immigrant, a freed African slave, an Irish runaway and a Souix renegade, they are all strangers in a strange land who must learn to work together in order to survive in a lawless world they have been told is paradise.

The script is written by two academy award winners with another academy award winner ready to do the score. For more details, please request a Producerʼs Package.

Cafe X
Vampire Thriller

Written by Steven Rumbelow
Director: Steven Rumbelow

Cafe X is an insane and improbable story of a vampire/shape-shifter who has lived on the earth since the fall of the angels. Steven has turned down offers from two majors in order to do it with his own company, Renegade Motion Pictures. The film is written in a unique style. It's comparable to The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus meets Interview with a Vampire but differentiates itself by telling a story that redefines history and poses a very new and different vampire world to the familiar Dracula model. The film is filled with opportunities for virtuoso performances in both leading and cameo roles.

For more details please request a Producerʼs Package.