In 1990 Derek Van Lint, who had one of the most prestigious commercials productions houses in Canada, saw some of Stevens rushes from his latest film, Proteus. He asked to screen all of Steven's films and after doing so offered Steven a job as one of his stable of seven commercials directors at DVLA. Steven jumped at the chance to work with Derek who was one of the foremost DOPs in the world with Ridley Scott's Alien in his body of work.

Steven's first commercial for NGK Spark plugs was nominated for a Bessie and his second commercial won him a Bessie and kicked off the commercials aspect of Steven's career. The Bessies committee had to actually create a new category in order to be able to award the Dirty Ducts bizarre comedy spot. Steven won more awards for his commercials as time went on with Steven ever increasing the elements of offbeat humor.




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