Books by Steven Rumbelow

Framing the Illusions by Steven Rumbelow

Framing the IllusionsSteven Rumbelow

Framing the Illusions is a book that evolved from a few years of social media observations. He decided to write a kind of instruction book for navigating a way through the minefield of development. It covers all the processes of development, how to proceed and what is expected through each phase, from script to casting and distribution to financing, including how to identify scams. The book is specifically targeted to the emerging filmmaker, the guerrilla filmmaker and the low-budget filmmaker. It is dedicated to those who are trying to keep the low-budget indie film market alive.

The Training of Triple Action Theatre

The Training of Triple Action Theatre Steven Rumbelow & Frances Clarke - Theatre Papers: The Fourth Series (1983-84)

Holding the view that actor training is of central importance, the paper records exercises and techniques for developing actor's resources and discusses the relevance of Shamanism to the technique of the Western Actor.

Books mentioning Steven Rumbelow's work:

New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-First Century

New Self, New World Philip Shepherd

The author of this acclaimed work is Philip Shepherd, an actor who has appeared in about 20 of Steven's productions over the years. The selection about Steven details one of the most important actor exercises devised by Rumbelow, specifically for theatre performers.

The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia: 2000-2010

The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia: 2000-2010Professor Peter Dendle

This is Volume 2 of the most comprehensive and authoritative overview of Zombie films to date. Autumn is discussed and analyzed in-depth for its distinctive contribution to the genre.

Screen Adaptations: Shakespeare's King LearYvonne Griggs

Discusses Shakespeare on film including Steven's Award-Winning film adaptation of King Lear.

Steven Berkoff and the Theatre of Self-PerformanceRobert Cross

Triple Action Theatre is discussed in contextual reference to the work of Stephen Berkoff.

Joan of Arc, a Saint for All ReasonsDominique Goy-Blanquet

Steven's film St. Joan was very controversial in that it exposed St. Joan as a cruel narcissist who had been only recently canonized due to a move on the part of the Church to retain Catholic power in France. The book cites the film as a part of the separation of Joan from the myths.

Joan of Arc: The Image of Female Heroism

Joan of Arc: The Image of Female Heroism Marina Warner

Explores the theme of female heroism pertaining to St. Joan. Steven's film, St. Joan, is discussed in that process.

Filming Literature: The Art of Screen Adaptation

Filming Literature: The Art of Screen Adaptation Neil Sinyard

Sinyard studies the relationship between film and literature by discussing adaptations of literary masters such as Shakespeare. Steven's film, King Lear is discussed as a notable selection for exploring the notion that King Lear is an experience of purgatory.

Modern Shakespeare Offshoots

Modern Shakespeare Offshoots Professor Ruby Cohn

Prof. Ruby Cohn includes a chapter about Steven's landmark theatre production of Macbeth in 1969.

Alternative London Survival Guide for Strangers

Alternative London Survival Guide for Strangers Nicholas Saunders

The book looks at the nature of "swinging London" in the seventies and outlines the leading-edge alternative arts available in London. Rumbelow's Triple Action Theatre is showcased.

Byron and the Theatre (Salzburg Studies: Poetic Drama and Poetic Theory)(Salzburg Studies: Poetic Drama & Poetic Theory)

Byron and the Theatre (Salzburg Studies: Poetic Drama and Poetic Theory) Dr. Boleslaw Taborski

Dr. Boleslaw Taborski documents Steven's productions of Manfred (London New Arts Lab) and The Deformed Transformed (Roundhouse) as two of the more rare productions of Byron's plays produced in England. He inscribed the book "To Steven Rumbelow. The real hero of this work."